Indigenous Times News is a First Nations owned publication that serves the First Nations and Métis communities of Saskatchewan by informing the province of First Nations and Métis issues, and people while adhering to traditional ways.

We do this by providing a medium for exposure that adheres to traditional ways of First Nations people — i.e. to be “the Aboriginal Voice of the Prairies”. We also provide First Nations people, especially youth, with opportunity to work and gain experience in news, media, and advertising


– Hand delivered to First Nations and Métis businesses, schools, and institutions in the 5 Major Urban Centres, which include Saskatoon, North Battleford, Regina, Prince Albert, and Yorkton

– First Nation Communities in Treaty 2, Treaty 4, Treaty 5, Treaty 6, Treaty 8 and Treaty 10 Territories
– All 10 Tribal Councils
– Mailed directly to our growing subscription list

For rates email

Indigenous Times News
Box 280
Cochin, Saskatchewan

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